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 David Santos is a performance artist, originally from Brazil who recently broke the World Record for most neckties worn around the neck making part of the Guinness Book 2023 and summer issue with "dazed" magazine, he is living and performing around the world. Starting gymnastics at the age of 10 in São Paulo, David continued to develop his gymnastic training in Londrina after his family relocated there. He achieved considerable success in both local and national gymnastics competitions in Brazil but decided to take employment at the age of 16 in order to provide financial support for his family. David is from a large family with 9 sisters and 2 brothers, all raised by a single mother. Despite his very limited financial circumstances, David’s drive and talent resulted in him being invited, at the age of 19, to study at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated 4 years later as a Professional Circus Performer.
David’s dream to excel as a performer led him to seek international opportunities.  Immediately after his graduation from the Brazilian National Circus School, he was hired to work in France on a short professional contract in a circus company and further study in France at the Institute National Des Arts du Musical-Hall. There he spent a further 2 years developing and expanding his talents to include acting, singing, and musical theater. Whilst studying at the Institute National, he had the opportunity to compete again, this time against other peers with a musical theater background, and he won 2 gold cups in dance competitions. 
In London, he successfully auditioned for Franco Dragone’s spectacular production, The House of Dancing Water, and was cast as an acro dancer (a style of dance that combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatics) and also as a character understudy. Although David had no formal experience performing with water, he embraced the challenges of his new role and learned the ability to execute scuba diving entries and exits on stage combined with his performance as an acrobat and dancer. Further, because of David’s extraordinary flexibility and balance, he is also able to bring to his performance the additional skills of a contortionist and hand balance artist.
In 2018 was working at Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin in their new grand show "VIVID" the beauty of things created and directed by Krista Monson, performing as an acrobat dancer featured in collective numbers with an aerial hoop, floor acrobatics, dance, and comedy displays 
Performing Aerial Hoop (5 -12 meters) on the top of members of the audience.

Recently working as a Dancer at "Cirque D'hiver Bouglione" in Paris for winter and at Disneyland Paris sur Le Roi Lion et les rythmes de la Terre as an Acrobat.

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