Personal Details:

Birthday: May 6, 1991
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Afro Brazilian 
Residence: Berlin - Germany 


Portuguese, English, French, Spanish


5 years of Olympic Gymnastics Training 

Graduated 4 years in the National Circus School Rio de Janeiro,
Graduated 2 years of Musical Theatre and Dance at Institut National des arts du Musical-hall,
Sports Center Circus instructor (Brazil)



Theatre: Trained in Musical School technique (physical theatre), Trained in stage combat, Trained voice (Baritone), Aerial and Hand Balancing Performances
Dance: Champion Regional Dance Competition  2015 & 2016, style Modern Jazz
Acrobatic skills & Experience: Brazilian National Gymnastics,
Triple Trapeze, Contortion, Handbalancing, Aerials, Acrobat Generalist


Confection Details:

Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 76 kg
Jeans size: 31
Shoe size: 41